Cheat’s craft – cushions

I’m still experimenting with this week’s recipe, so thought I’d share my tapestry cushions with you. They follow my 1=2 theme actually as the backs started life as shirts. I made the guitar-man cushion for the husband for his birthday a few years ago, and finished the forest scene one at my Stitch n’ Bitch night last year. Found the guitar-man tapestry at Brunswick Savers. Isn’t it a ripper (I love that he’s also carrying a loaf of bread)! The forest scene tapestry was found on Ebay. I also made an accordion-playing sad clown cushion but the husband thought it might alienate my readers as it’s pretty scary. I used to share a house with a guy who painted large canvases of clowns which he displayed down the hallway along the picture rails – still gives me shivers thinking about it. I digress… back to the cushions…
They were REALLY easy to make, and are the ultimate cheat’s craft activity. The tapestries were removed from their frames and trimmed at the edges. The cushion backs are made from men’s shirts, as I HATE doing button holes. The front pockets were unpicked from the shirt first; and the tapestry was laid on top of the button-through front of the shirt, and used as a guide. A large rectangle was cut from the shirt-front, buttons and all, and sewed to the back of the tapestry, fronts to the inside. They were folded out the right way (I didn’t bother to over-stitch the frayed edges as they’re hidden from view and the tapestry fabric is quite firm). They’re stuffed with $5 pillows from Coles. That’s it!
The shirt brand I used is Field and Stream. I found the first one in my local Salvos; and bought the other two on Ebay. Field and Stream is a US brand and the quality is gorgeous; pure cotton but with a felt-like finish. Perfect for cushions. I used XXL size.

Hand-made tapestry cushionsCushions backs men's shirts

13 thoughts on “Cheat’s craft – cushions

  1. Just one question: is it hard to stuff the inner cushion into the cushion cover, as I can see on the photo that the opening is in the middle? I hate struggling with soft furnishings such as stuffing doonas in their covers.

    • Not at all! It takes a bit of pushing (especially up into the corners), but I like the inner cushions to be firm as they do flatten over time. The cheap pillows I used to stuff the cushions with were probably around 4cm bigger all around, and they went in easily.

    • Thanks! Must admit I was a wee bit impressed with how they turned out. The ‘Posh Op Shop’ on the corner of Glenhuntly & Grange Road in South Caulfield has some ripper tapestries at the moment. Need to hold myself back…

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