Power breakfast

We’re back from our long weekend at Apollo Bay Music Festival and it was fabulous, as usual. The food was ace this year, especially the creamy seafood pies; and the paella, scooped from a humungous paellera absolutely plugged with standing-to-attention mussels.
The musical highlight for me this year was The Beards, a band of bearded blokes with a Jack Black-esque frontman, who managed to fill a 45-minute set with massively entertaining songs. About beards. I took the 7-year old to see them – his first real pub gig (7pm, with ear-plugs). It warmed my heart, looking at his grinning face as he rocked on. By the time he’s 17 and going to gigs with his mates (I’m counting on there still being a live music scene in Melbourne in 10 years), I’ll be too old and embarrassing to accompany him, so this was a life highlight for me.
Every year during the festival we share a house with some lovely friends – three consecutive nights of après-dinner, wine-fueled adult conversation. Pure bliss. What a weekend! We’re all absolutely knackered now though. Can someone make me a coffee and toast please?
While we’re on the subject of brekkie, here are my favourite breakfast-making machines from movies, in no particular order. The first and third clips have embedding disabled, so you’ll be directed to Youtube to watch them. Enjoy. Recipes coming tomorrow…
1. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. 1985. Director: Tim Burton.
2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 1968. Director: Ken Hughes.
3. Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers. 1993. Director: Nick Park.

6 thoughts on “Power breakfast

  1. Hi Sas, I made your lamb/ chick pea / pea thingy from a few weeks ago although there was none left for Samosas. It was a hit all around thankfully as I need some new meals in the system. Thanks for an ace blog! Phillippa xo

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