Happy Mothers Day

Hey mums. Happy Mothers Day. How has yours been? Ours has been rather action-packed so far. It’s only 1.30pm now, but it’s amazing how much you can fit into a morning when you have been WOKEN UP AT 5.30 BLOODY AM. The boys did redeem themselves though by bringing me fruit toast and coffee in bed; and some hand-wrapped presents: wooden gnomes on a rope, bees wax candles and – my favourite, just ’cause it’s such a classic Mothers Day gift – a bar of perfumed soap in a plastic bag. Thanks lovely boys. The husband gave me a box of Chocolatier dark chocolates, which thankfully contain not one single child-friendly flavour. Thanks darl.
After brekkie there was game-playing (Trouble and Jenga) on the lounge-room floor; then I slipped out for an hour of me-time (op-shopping and a perfect coffee); followed by Japanese fish burgers for all from the beautiful Hooked. Perfect.
A special Gelukkige moedersdag to my lovely mum, who is reading this in Holland. xx

4 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Hmmmm I actually got a “green” magazine and chocolates and a waste paper bin and a comb! All of life’s necessities! Lo and behold I opened the mag only to see a picture of a boy with whom I had my very first kiss! How odd! A good day overall however!

  2. oh lucky you-i got fresh made carrot cake and roast chicken dinner..what a treat…did have to tweak the kitchen cleanup afterwards though.

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