Darn it!

The husband is away for the weekend, and I’m at the computer with a wee glass of red and Green & Black’s dark chocolate. Bliss. Thought I’d share a fun craft activity I did with the boys. Firstly though, I must sincerely apologise for bringing more monster dolls into the world.
These little dudes do fit the one equals two philosophy though, as they began life as toe socks. The toe section makes excellent monster hair, don’t you think? We used to call these socks Bobby Dazzlers when I was little. I was given a pair of lurid rainbow ones for my birthday when I was a young whippersnapper and they went so beautifully with my aqua iron-on-transfer astrology sign tee-shirt (Libra, if you must know).
Back to the monsters. I’m no sewing expert and these are a bit wonky and weird-looking, but the boys love them. They were super easy. It was a real group effort – my 5-year old is a dab hand at the stuffing; and the 8-year old works the sewing machine like a pro.
The arms and legs were cut from the bottom of the socks, as you would do with a sock monkey. Send me an email at oneequalstwo.blog[at]gmail.com if you’d like more info.
We made the mouths and teeth out of a hideous red vinyl bag from the local Op shop. The buttons came from my massive odd button collection. My 5-year old is asleep with ‘Tootie’ as we speak. Have a lovely Sunday.

Sock monstersSock monster dolls detail

8 thoughts on “Darn it!

  1. my mum used to sew us – 6 siblings – chinese pyamas, but never such cute cuddlies.
    your blog not only triggers my taste buds but brings back memories of gummi dolls and hard stuffed teddies.

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