Meals on wheels

We FINALLY caught up with Taco Truck today, and it was well worth the wait. It very occasionally travels south to St Kilda, but we always manage to miss it, so today we hot-footed it up to Coburg.
For non-Melbourne readers, Taco Truck is a fab food van that trawls the Northern suburbs (mostly) of Melbourne; dishing out freshly-made tacos. You’re alerted of its’ location on the day, via Facebook or Twitter.
Today it set up shop on Gaffney Street Coburg, opposite Harmony Skate Park. We met up with some Northern suburbs pals, for what turned out to be a super-tasty spontaneous lunch.
I had the taco plate; which came with two tacos, fish and chicken (the other taco option was potato and ricotta and it looked pretty fine too). The fish was coated with a thin tempura-like batter; and was served with slaw, poppy aioli and a good squeeze of lime. The chicken taco (my favourite) was plugged with a zingy corn salsa, chipotle mayo and baby spinach. On the side were beautiful freshly-cooked tortilla corn chips. Very tasty overall. The boys were happy too – my picky 5-year old scoffed a huge serving of guacamole and the aforementioned tortilla chips, and my 8-year old loved the chicken tacos. Both hooned around the excellent playground for a while; then we piled back into the car, well sated, and headed for home. Gracias Taco Truck! Do come south again one day, por favor.

Taco truck Melbourne

8 thoughts on “Meals on wheels

    • Gumbo Kitchen sounds fab! Definitely on our list. I’m drooling a little bit now. We sampled Beatbox Kitchen last year and that was ace too – one of my best burger experiences ever.

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