The Hills are alive

Finally found a spare hour to post some snaps from my 2-day jaunt to Sydney. I was there for a conference but had lots of time on my own, to re-charge my ancient batteries. It was bliss. Spent most of my time in Surry Hills, definitely my favourite suburb in Sydney. Along with the gallery-hopping, strolling and shop browsing (this paper shop was a favourite); I managed to squeeze in some excellent, cheap and cheerful meals – photos below.
I caused a wee bit of consternation at the airport on the way home, having innocently packed a vintage meat skewer, a bunch of forks and a carving knife in my hand luggage (after some successful Sydney op-shopping). What was I thinking?? I quite literally slapped my forehead when the security guard beckoned. Had my bag completely unpacked and a full metal-detector feel-up for that little indiscretion. Dropped myself into a $2 massage chair though, cinnamon doughnut in hand, and all was well again. I am a happy lady, and equipped and ready to face the school holidays. Bring ’em on!
1. EL LOCO. Gorgeous decor, housed in the old Excelsior Hotel. The tacos were beaut, no-nonsense, full of flavour. I had the prawn and the chicken. Loved the plastic-wrapped tables. Such a great place to sit, outside in the sun.
2. THE BOOK KITCHEN. What a concept! A cafe with shelves piled high with cookbooks for browsing. I had perfect coffee, a plate of Persian fetta, tomatoes, rocket and avocado on chewy sourdough; and endless cookbooks PLUS plenty of time to actually read them. My friend Eileesh said I look like the cat who got the cream in this photo, and she hit the nail on the head!
3. THE FORRESTERS. The main inspiration for this place, according to TimeOut was “Cal Neva Lodge – Frank Sinatra’s casino hotel on the border of California and Nevada – and some old-school Italian joints thrown into the mix.” That’s my kind of combo. I had the pulled pork, sriracha mayo, slaw and pickle sandwich with fries. Fabulous!
4. SYDNEY HARBOUR. Melbourne, I love you, but you have nothing like this. Sorry darling. This photo of the bridge was taken from the vantage point of Wendy Whitely’s fabulous ‘secret garden’, created by Wendy after the death of her husband (Brett Whiteley) in 1992. It was a labour of love, created on waste land abandoned by City Rail. Stunning. My photo is a bit crappy as I arrived at dusk, but you can see some lovely ones here.

Me in Sydney

16 thoughts on “The Hills are alive

  1. It looks that you spent a wonderful time , over there in Sydney! Lovely food places & that paper shop looks a lovely one! thanks for the tasty food pics too! Maybe, one day, I can visit them all! 🙂
    A lovely read! xxx

    • Surry Hills is just gorgeous. Beautiful Victorian architecture, tree-lined streets, great cafes/quirky shops etc. Quite similar to San Francisco, especially the hills (my calves have only just recovered)!

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