Country livin’

It was my birthday last Thursday (don’t ask me my age though – it’s way too depressing). I was a bit of a spoiled brat this year as one of my presents was a family holiday to beautiful Birregurra in the Otways. We got back on Monday, and it was such an ace weekend.
We stayed at King Parrot Cottages with horses, donkeys and alpacas on-site; bush-walking tracks and views to die for. The second photo below is of a bowerbird nest, gleefully discovered by my 8-year old, right behind our cabin. It was an incredible construction; scattered with bright blue things – bottle tops, cigarette lighters, doll parts and food wrappers. That is one dedicated bowerbird, as the scenery was pristine so it would’ve required some serious hunting to find all those treasures. I totally admire such dedication in a collector!
Our boys had a ball; lizard-chasing, kangaroo-spotting and exploring the bush.
We were mainly there though to visit the Birregurra Festival. I LOVE a good country fair and this one was a winner: a woodchop event (blokes in Dunlop Volleys and white pants – corrrr – hacking into log chunks), dog-jumping, farm equipment displays, animals everywhere (including camels!) and so many stalls selling local produce, home-made chutneys, relishes and cakes. Heaven.
We had some fab food. The lovely ladies in my photo below were whipping up spinach gözleme at a furious pace. The Vietnamese coleslaw was fantastic too.
Birregurra itself is such a pretty country town, all awnings and timber shopfronts. The General Store, an unassuming-looking milk bar, serves up perfect coffee, killer hamburgers and amazing lahm bi ajeen (Lebanese lamb pizzas – photo below), drizzled with lemon juice and fresh chilli. We make these at home quite often, with planned-overs from this lamb pilaf. Will provide the recipe soon!
So, I’m still on a high after such a lovely break. Finding it hard to concentrate at work. *sigh*

Birregurra holiday

30 thoughts on “Country livin’

    • Thanks Kim!! The piggy in the basket was divine. He reminded me of the Australian movie Babe, which is now on the kid’s favourite movies list. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it – your kids will love it too.

  1. I’m a little bit late Saskia, but Happy Birthday 🙂 That really did sound like the perfect weekend away. I love days like that and a beautiful part of the world to do it all in too.
    …and that piglet? Ridiculously cute.

    • Hi Jedda. Great to ‘meet’ you! Love your illustration work. Rapt you like the kroketten post – they’re one my favourite Dutch treats. Guessing from your surname that you’re a Dutchie too. Off to check out your blog now…

  2. You deserve to be spoiled, my hard working mom friend! I hope you had a wonderful birthday getaway … now you can’t complain about your age, because I am probably older and so I’ll get cranky! Your getaway looks like a good mixture of fun, adventure and food — which makes it the perfect mini-break.

    • Thanks Barb! 🙂 I’m CERTAIN you couldn’t be older than me though. I’m truly ancient. It was indeed the perfect getaway. We try to stick to a ‘3-night minimum’ now for weekends away. Makes for a much more relaxing holiday. As you’d know, there’s SO much packing required when kids are involved, especially when traveling somewhere muddy.

      • Oh god, yes the packing! I am such a traveller…travelled everywhere for years…but now there are times when I can barely muster the energy to plan a trip because of all the planning and packing involved. Sad, hey? Bet I am older than you…and now it’s all very awkward because of course it means that I’m REALLY ancient!

  3. I love the Bower birds nest – what a find! Looks like it was a great birthday weekend Sas – wood chopping, dog jumping and pizza…what more could you want!

  4. What a great birthday surprise. I love those oldfashioned countrytowns as well.
    I can’t wait for your Lebanese lamb pizza. On your picture it looks like lamb’s mince. Yum.
    I wonder what Birregurra means; it must be an Aboriginal name. Happy birthday, Sas – a birthday worth remembering !

  5. Happy Birthday Saskia – great photos (surround yourself with similar aged folk and it isnt depressing at all! I’m loving it) Love your web site x

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