Beachy keen

Two weeks left of the school holidays, and it has been pretty ace. I’ve loved hanging out with the boys, especially knowing that Sid is starting school this year. *sob*
Visited Collingwood Children’s Farm today (god I love that place), and Scienceworks yesterday for their Carnival of Science exhibition – highly recommended if you live in Melbourne.
We had the most blissful week on the beach recently too, at the Mornington Peninsula. Every January we swap houses with my mum and step-dad for a week or two. They love their ‘urban escape’, squeezing in gallery-visits and catching up with their city friends; while we enjoy a glorious week of sun and sand and traipsing through the bush.
Some highlights:
A beach holiday wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a fair and Rye Foreshore Carnival always delivers – carnies, dodgems, sideshow games and rides (check out the gorgeous pigs)!
My 8-year old spotted an echidna while we were bush-walking through beautiful Green’s Bush. It burrowed its head under a small log, and just like a 3-year old playing hide and seek, believed that as it couldn’t see us, we couldn’t see it. We were able to stroke him!
One of my favourite discoveries was an abandoned mini-Europe. I asked around and it’s quite a sad story as the creator died a few years ago. I’m so pleased his legacy has been left alone though, to almost blend into its’ surroundings. I’m a sucker for abandoned places and their stories; some are incredibly sad, while others are just gob-stoppingly mysterious and spooky. If you’re intrigued by them too, you might want to sneak a peek at my Abandoned Places Pinterest board.
I digress, back to the holiday… our favourite beach in the area is Shire Hall beach with the most beautiful row of bathing boxes and crystal-clear water, where we gave our inflatable dinghy, the Explorer 200, a serious workout. We also checked out the surf at Point Leo and enjoyed dinner in mum’s backyard – such a treat sitting under a big tree with a glass of wine as our backyard at home is the size of a postage stamp.
Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays too. Ciao for now.


27 thoughts on “Beachy keen

  1. We start school in 10 days and I feel sorry the break is almost over.
    My son goes to kindergarden in September and I am trying to make the best of these few months.
    Looks like you had a wonderful vacation, it is indeed refreshing

    • September – a few months to go. Enjoy! Sidney starts school next Wednesday. I can’t believe it. The start of his institutionalised life! I’m squeezing in as much craft, lego and park trips as I can over the next week.

    • Thanks Trang! That’s one thing I love about blogging – it forces me to sort out the holiday photos. They’d all be languishing on my hard drive, never to be seen again, otherwise.

  2. Saskia, I love all your photos! Wow!I’ve never seen an adorable echidna before and those pigs and mini europe are amazing. The pic of you and your sid w clowns is so cute and hiking in the wild too. The beach looks very different than the beaches in California.. different color sand and plants. someday…i must visit (bucketlist:)
    Btw, I made your pea soup and it was wonderful. We had soup for lunch almost everyday for a week! Mine came out chunkier than your pics. Maybe I chopped the carrots and zucchini too big. Do you chop by hand or use a food processor?

    • Thanks Kim! Yeah, I think our beaches are quite different to California. I remember yours have whiter sand! Hope you can visit one day. 🙂
      Really glad you liked the pea soup. I do chop the carrot and zucchini into smaller pieces first; then puree everything at the end until it’s really smooth. I’ll add ‘small pieces’ to the recipe. Thanks so much for the feedback.

    • Thanks Ramona! I know I’ll look back on these photos wistfully when the boys are ‘too old’ for family holidays. Rapt you made the soup – thanks so much for letting me know. Love a bit of feedback.

  3. So cute!!! I remember when my little brother had his first day at school (year 3 now). My Mum stood at the gate and sobbed. I felt so bad for her.. last cab off the rank.. her ‘baby’. I suppose I won’t get it until I’m a mother!

  4. Looks like you’ve had a lovely break!! Love the idea of your trading houses for your country/beachy escape! Enjoy the last couple of weeks of school holidays xxx

  5. Sounds divine! Love that you swap places with your mom and that it is a treat for both sides. Nice to see some pics of the boys. Exciting about kindie too …don’t worry, you’ll adjust quickly. My youngest started in the fall and now I don’t know how I ever managed before! Must look up an echidna and show the girls! Enjoy the last of your summer break!!!

  6. The mini Europe looks divine, maybe we could all chip in and buy it. We could build it up to more than he could ever have imagined. Take me next time. jxx

    • Will do Jannie. You’ll love it – it’s actually more like a Mini World as the Opera House is a mysterious inclusion too. It originally had a mini train that ran through it! I was SO excited when we found it.

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