Sweet as

I’m a bit excited! My ‘Australian sweets’ range, which I entered into the Hardie Grant Books Stationery competition has been shortlisted! It has gone out to public vote. I don’t usually like asking for stuff, but if you have a spare minute, and you like my designs, I would LOVE your vote. A stationery range would be a bit of a dream come true for me. Thanks so much.
The link to the voting app is here. It takes less than one minute. You don’t even need to fill out your details.
Select ‘view entry’ under ‘Saskia Ericson’. That’s me! Select ‘Vote’ (not ‘like’). That’s all folks!
You do need to sign up for a Facebook voting app, but you can select ‘only me’ to retain your privacy. Thanks again.
My design idea was sparked by a perfectly-iced neenish tart I spotted in my local bakery. For overseas readers, here are a few links to great recipes (and photos) for the classic Australian sweets I’ve illustrated. You can find Neenish tarts at Baking myself happy, Chocolate ripple cake at taste.com.au, Fairy bread at I ate Brisbane and Lamingtons at the little loaf.
My graphic interpretations of these Aussie treats are below. First up are 4 cards (backs and fronts), followed by 4 notebook covers and lastly, a journal cover.
Footnote: I didn’t win 😦 Thanks so much for your votes and support though!

'Australian sweets' card range by Saskia Ericson'Australian sweets' notebook range by Saskia Ericson'Australian sweets' journal by Saskia Ericson

53 thoughts on “Sweet as

  1. Hi Saskia, I was pointed to your blog by our mutual friend Edwina! Good job girl, this is a great blog – I’m loving going back through your archives. Cheers Judith

  2. Your designs are by far the yummiest Sas. Any chance of a snot block inspired design in the future? Well done and good luck – you have my vote.

    • Thanks so much Edwina. That’s hilarious – I actually did have a snot block design! It was similar to the lamington though, and after a lot of head scratching, the lamington won by a fraz.

    • Agree. Damned Facebook. I was dragged kicking and screaming to it relatively recently (really didn’t need another reason to spend more time on the computer)! Must admit I love it now though.
      Will let you know if they offer another voting method.

  3. Saskia I am sorry that I can’t vote because I am not on Facebook — but I absolutely love your designs — SO clever and pretty. You are a woman of numerous gifts. They would make such great branding for a gorgeous cake shop too. I can imagine boxes and bags and menus and even cups and saucers that you can buy as a souvenir….

    • Hi Norma. I’m not sure – they’re having a proper launch of the voting on Tuesday. Hopefully there will be another method available. Will keep you posted. Thanks so much anyway.

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