Aye carumba!

Recipe post coming soon. Life and work have been a bit crazy, and there has been no time for blogging. In the meantime, here are two fabulous experiences I had today:
1. I think I may unwittingly have my finger on the pulse! I chanced upon the ‘secret’ launch of Mr. Mexico, the Si Señor Pop-up Art Taqueria at 193 Carlisle Street St Kilda. It’s open for a short time only and is stocked with all the hot sauce, El Cielo tortillas, cookbooks and Mexican paper art a lady like me could need.
Footnote (July, 2013): Si Señor has now morphed into a restaurant, Eat Drink Love Taco! I reviewed it on the 1=2 facebook page and will do a ‘proper’ review here soon! It’s fabulous.
2. This evening I went to the exhibition opening of one of my favourite artists, fellow blogger Sandra Eterovic. OK, so this isn’t exactly food-related news but her art is food for the soul. So quirky, so original, so beautiful. If I hadn’t quoffed a few of her dad’s spectacular home-made wines, I’d be in a position to gush more. If you’re in Melbourne, do get down to have a look. It’s at the gorgeous Hut 13 in Armadale until May 8th. You can also see and buy Sandra’s art, cards and mirrors in her etsy shop.
Happy Anzac Day. xx

Mr MexicoSandra Eterovic money boxesSandra Eterovic

19 thoughts on “Aye carumba!

    • Thanks Cass. Had a ball for Anzac weekend. Just returned from Apollo Bay Music Festival. Absolutely pooped. You’ll love Sandra’s etsy shop – her cards are gorgeous. I always get ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ when gifting them!

  1. Loved your update, it’s great to hear what you’re doing even if you haven’t time for a recipe post. We had a food and art themed day too, which really made me smile at your post. We spent a good chunk of our day at our National Art Gallery, and at lunchtime found ourselves looking at more kinds of olive oil than I thought humanly possible in a gorgeous Italian deli.

  2. Hey Sasby
    Do they sell cans of those little black beans? I have been wanting to buy some for AGES! Thanks for the update. Georgie sells her art at Hut 13 too! – yes we too as usual have had our fair share of home made Anzacs biscuits. Love em. Chrispy X

    • Hey Chrispy. Didn’t notice black beans at Mr Mexico – it’s a tiny popup with just a few quality items; all the basics. They sell ’em at Oasis, dried. You could cook up a big batch and freeze in lots. Yes, saw Georgie’s cute bunnies at Hut 13. Xx

  3. Hi Sass! It was SOOO lovely to have you at the opening last night. Thanks so much for coming. I think that fellow Chelt-ers Michael and David were very pleased to meet you too….now I realise why you seemed familiar when I first met you last year! I LOVE the sound of that Mexican shop….what a great reason to head over the river. I think that the paper art looks great next to my globe money box. Hmmmm….

    • Hey Sandra. Really loved all your creations. Had such a great night – I’m hoarse from all the chatting. Still can’t quite believe we grew up around the corner from each other!

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