The icing on the cake

Our boys had a combined birthday party recently at St Kilda Adventure Playground, one of the most magic kid’s spots in Melbourne. Just look at the place! It’s fantastically old-school – a little bit dangerous (no soft padded surfaces), amazing hand-built cubby houses, fort, flying fox and two trampolines. There is even a leopard-print fur clad ‘birthday throne’ in the party area. Best of all, the place easily accommodated the 30 kids we invited, and they had a ball. I talked about some of the food we served here.
I’m a bit embarrassed to share my wonky birthday cake creations with the world, but ah… what the heck! This blog functions as a bit of a diary for me. I have years of unsorted photos on my desktop, so it’s nice having the blog as a forum for our special occasions, creations and holidays.
My eldest is into everything technical and scientific so his cake this year was a 9-volt battery. My youngest is completely obsessed with the Thunderbirds so he scored a Thunderbird 1 rocket cake, and I made him a Thunderbird hand puppet too.
The cakes were decorated with ready-made fondant icing. If you’ve not used it before I highly recommend it. It’s simply rolled out like pastry and draped over the cake. You can cut letters and shapes out of it and it can be coloured with food dye too. While I’m rabbiting on about cakes, I might as well post my eldest’s cake from last year, an old-school computer keyboard cake. The base is white fondant, the keys are blocks of white chocolate, the space bar is a piece of white chocolate KitKat, and the writing was done with an Americolor Gourmet Food Writing pen. So easy! I did giggle though when my son’s friend pointed out how ‘incorrect’ some of the keyboard keys were. The fondant icing and writing pens are available from Something for cake, Amazon or Merryday cakes.
Last but not least, I wanted to share these fab tiny little bags of Lego which I used in the treat bags. They’re cheap as chips and available on Ebay (search for ‘Lego party favours’). I reckon they’d be great in pinatas too.
Have a lovely weekend folks. Recipes coming soon…

St Kilda Adventure PlaygroundEnergizer Battery birthday cakeThunderbirds cake and puppetOld school keyboard cakeTreat bag Lego

31 thoughts on “The icing on the cake

  1. Sass you are truly amazing!!! Those boys must all wish that you were their mum. Or at least, know how lucky they are to be invited to your sons’ parties! I know that fondant is not that easy to work with so I take my hat off to you — another string to your busy bow. And I am yet to make the recipe/s below — the beautiful photos still beckon. Have a delightful weekend young lady.

    • Thanks so much lovely lady! My favourite sentence in your comment is the last one – I’m feeling decidedly old and withered today, trying to wrangle work and a sick child in the middle of the school holidays. To be called a ‘young lady’ has given me a spring in my step.

    • Ramona, thank you! You’re lovely. I wasn’t sure whether to post a pic of the puppet, hence it being such a teeny weeny photo! It’s quite funny-looking, but my son does love it!

    • The playground is amazing. One of our favourites. So nice that places like that can survive without too much intervention. Such a great change from all the padded, safety-gated playgrounds around here.

  2. The cakes are out of this world, and the party location looks completely awesome; your boys must have had the best time! Thunderbirds are go!

    • Thanks! The writing was done with an Americolor Gourmet Food Writing pen, a cross between a texta and a paintbrush. Really easy to use. The ink is indeed edible, although you wouldn’t want to drink it by the cupful (pretty spooky ingredients)!

  3. Those cakes are amazing and not wonky at all. We love the St Kilda Adventure playground too and had a birthday party there a couple of years ago. It’s a great set up. Now I’m off to search out those lego sets … There’s a party coming up this month, but the birthday boy has requested a supermarket chocolate mud cake instead of my usual home baked effort! Sigh!

      • Oh noooo, not the supermarket cake!! I fear that may be the request from my eldest next year too though, as he’s prob getting a bit too old for decorated cakes. He loved his battery cake but said ‘I might like just a normal chocolate cake next year mum’.
        Thanks for the puppet compliment – it looks a bit strange (no hair!) but my youngest was very happy.

    • I agree too Fran. Email me if you’d like specifications, as I made a paper template (I know, I’m a nerd at heart). You can borrow my pens too. Oh dear, the pressure is on!

  4. Saskia, you are a talent indeed. I need cake decorating lessons from you….and there’s no way I can show these pictures to the girls because they’ll be all over me to start making cakes. My youngest daughter’s party is next Saturday and I still don’t know what to do for her “rock star” party. Love the 9-volt idea for a 9 year old — brilliant. You never cease to amaze me my friend! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful boys. Happy Birthday to all.

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