Best in show

It was my birthday recently and we had a weekend away in Birregurra, for their Annual Festival. As luck would have it, the Camperdown Show was on as well so we had a rollicking country weekend, as you’ll see in this photo of me and my youngest patting an alpaca, published in the Camperdown Chronicle.
I just love a good country show and Birregurra and Camperdown certainly delivered. Dog jumping, cow pat lotto, an Elvis impersonator, kid’s gardening workshop, ‘Best chicken in show’ and one of my favourite events, the wood chop. How those blokes manage to escape serious foot injury, with only Dunlop Volleys for protection, is beyond me. One of the lovely contestants allowed us to take home a losing log, which has pride of place in our garden as a stool/table. Isn’t it a beauty!
Squeezed in a bit of country op-shopping (see my haul of vintage kitchen stuff below); and had some fab food, including a gorgeous pork bánh mì – that’s me clutching it below. It was amazing, so juicy and flavoursome. The Birregurra General store make, in my humble opinion, the best hamburgers in Victoria; served on La Madre seedy buns. I’m well-stocked with chutney and relishes now too, thanks to the Birregurra branch of the Country Women’s Association (Loz, I don’t know who you are but your peach chutney rocks).
We stayed in Pomborneit, at this lovely place. It has just been put up for sale! If anyone is on the lookout for an 1800s bluestone church with a separate studio and gorgeous garden, this place ticks all the boxes.
Have a lovely weekend folks; and Melbourne readers, have a splendid Cup Day.

Birregurra Festival 2013Woodchop and stool

28 thoughts on “Best in show

  1. Oh how I love country shows. The wood chopping, preserves, competitions… so awesome. Glad that you got to celebrate your birthday so beautifully (happy belated birthday!!). Oh, and that burger? Drool worthy.

  2. that is one fancy chopped log table there! i love it!! and ohh i’ve been too busy and missed so much of reading your wonderful posts! finally a minute to enjoy reading up with a nice glass of wine! cheers! happy b day week

  3. Belated birthday wishes, Saskia!! What a great place to get-away and what a great pic of your and your son! Looks like you all had a great time, though, I doubt I could have watched those men with the axes. Whatever happened to whittling with a pen knife? 🙂

    • Thanks John! Yes, I was watching a lot of the wood chop through my fingers, I must admit. I’d be very happy to go to a whittling event (LOVE a bit of whittlin’), although I suspect a ‘Whittling spectacle’ wouldn’t have quite the people pulling-power of a wood chop.

  4. I love the pictures with the jumping dogs and the wooden log so nice and sturdy, and the men standing on the logs with their white runners, and the hamburger, and…. I could go on and on; OH yes, your gorgeous little son wearing a paper hat.

  5. Happy birthday Sas! What a fun way to spend the day! I love country shows. It’s been ages since I’ve been to one but your post is making me crave wood chopping expos, CWA cakes and knitted toys! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. So much fun. Hoping that the new year ahead of you will be wonderful xx

  6. Happiest of birthdays to you Saskia! And now you’re famous in the Camperdown News. I have no idea what cow pat lotto is, but I love the sound of it almost as much as I love the wood chop. There’s nothing sexier than a man with Dunlop Volleys and an axe!

    • I’m with you Amelia. There is something irresistible about an axe-wielding man sporting white trousers and Dunlop volleys 😉
      PS. In cow pat lotto, the entrants pay for the privilege to guess where the cow will “go”.

    • Thanks! Yes, that is the king of burgers in my opinion. The Birregurra General store is such an unassuming place from the outside. It looks like a large milk bar, but they serve the most incredible food, including Lebanese lamb man’oushe and excellent coffee!

  7. Happy Birthday, Sas! What a great looking little getaway, you packed in a lot! And the eats look like they were incredible! I want that burger 🙂 Your new table is a great find and will be a great memory prompt. The photo of your son with the alpaca is so sweet!

    • Thanks df. You’re right, that table is a great memory prompt. I do love household items with a story to tell! The alpaca was so lovely, tolerating lots of firm pats to the head. I just love alpacas and their fat wooly necks!

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