Food-related gift ideas [handmade in Melbourne]

18 SLEEPS ‘TIL CHRISTMAS! If you’re stressing over gift ideas, and are in dire need of inspiration, may I present my inaugural food-related Christmas Gift Guide! Everything below is available online and handmade in Melbourne. Just look at what these clever folks have created. I’m in awe.
For even more inspiration, check out the quirky/foodie/crafty gift guides at Craft Vic, Broadsheet, Simple Provisions and Meet me at Mikes. International readers should visit Kickcan and Conkers, Fine Little Day and of course, etsy. There is also a fab round-up of upcoming Melbourne craft markets at handmade life (a must-visit blog for news and views on everything crafty). OK, here we go…
1. Sandsmade Stix for Cooks. $14.95. Stix are ideal for stirring, blending and beating; made from satin box timber. They’re also kind to saucepans and bowls and naturally anti-bacterial. Made in Northcote and available here.
2. Sandra Eterovic ‘Ms Mortadella’. $88. Beautiful original artwork, hand-painted on recycled plywood, with a sturdy hanging device at the back. Available from Sandra’s etsy shop, along with her fab cards, mirrors and paintings.
3. The Hungry Girls’ Cookbook. $25 (special price – was $35). This is more like a work of art than a regular recipe book. Cloth-lined, hand-sewn and filled with scrumptious recipes, illustrations and photography; these books are the work of three friends – Rachel Pitts, Leah Holscher and Katherine Bird. Available here.
4. Neryl ‘Josephine’. $75/$95. Homage to Ms Baker, the queen of fruit. She would look fab in any kitchen! Original art by Neryl, available in A4 and A3 giclee prints. Limited edition of 50, printed on 300gsm natural cotton rag art paper using quality archival inks. Available here.
5. Kirsten Perry ‘tea and whatev’ mug. $60. Handmade ceramic mug that holds a massive amount of tea or coffee! Kirsten’s ace ceramics are available at Mr Kitley, Craft Vic and her online shop.
6. Penelope Durston oven mit. $32. Made from felted wool and finished with bright binding and a loop for hanging, by renowned Fitzroy textile-designer Penelope Durston. Available at Craft Vic.
7. Greg Mann Princess Me pin. $30. Greg fashions recycled cutlery into amazing jewellery. This pin is made from a vintage teaspoon. You’ll find Greg at Rose Street Market.
8. Lucy Folk Supreme Pizza bracelet. $88. No food-related gift guide would be complete without reference to Melbourne’s queen of wearable food! This flavour-packed bracelet is made from crochet metallic thread, mother of pearl, glass beads, powder coated steel, sterling silver and gold plating. Available here (along with Lucy’s pizza, bento, feast, spices and taqueria ranges)!
9. Urban Cartel handmade porcelain replica vintage milk bottle. $23. Glazed internally and left raw on the outside, these are perfect for holding liquid (food safe glaze) or a floral arrangement; or just displaying by themselves. Available from their etsy shop.
10. Vonda Retro leaves tea towel (detail). $20. Hand-printed on 100% cotton. Methinks this gorgeous Australian gumleaf design is the perfect gift for friends and family overseas. Available here.
11. Spinspin Tree Towel. $20. Designed and screen-printed in Melbourne using eco-friendly, water based ink on European linen. Available here.
12. Blank baked goodies packaging. Various prices. These gift boxes are the perfect size to package an entire batch of cookies. Blank also stock translucent wax paper glassine bags, wood berry boxes and all the tags and wrap you’ll need. Visit Blank here.
Footnote: This is not a sponsored list. These are all items I genuinely love. I must fess up though – some of these makers are my friends!
Etsy prices are in USD, so these have been rounded down to the nearest dollar.
If you’re buying from overseas, be sure to check with the sellers that delivery is possible before Christmas.

© Please note all photos are the property of their respective owners.

2013 Gift Guide

27 thoughts on “Food-related gift ideas [handmade in Melbourne]

  1. Love love love everything on this list, particularly as some of it is your friends’ work! Very cool. Too bad I didn’t look at your blog sooner… oh well, there are always birthdays and other opportunties for gift giving when I won’t be frazzled out of my brain! x

    • Thanks Laura! Such clever people aren’t they! Oh man, I can totally relate to that pre-Christmas frazzle. I’ve popped out the other end now, relaxing on Boxing Day surrounded by chocolates and leftover ham. Lovely!

    • Thanks so much Evie! Loving your gift guide too. Melbourne is indeed great, especially at this time of year when all our makers are showin’ their stuff 😉
      I have craft market fatigue, but that’s a very enjoyable strain of tiredness. xx

  2. What a great gift guide list Saskia! That was so sweet of you to include links for everybody. That Hungry Girls cookbook just looks darling too! I really need to get shopping….I’m always cramming at the end and stressing out and don’t want to do that again this year !!

    • Thank you! The Hungry Girls cookbook is gorgeous. I bought one last year and gave it to a girlfriend for her birthday, along with a home-made apron. The photography is lovely. Yes, I can feel the pre-Christmas stress incrementally creeping up on me too!

  3. What a great list! I’ve just become Lucy Folk’s newest fan. The Craft Victoria gift guide is gorgeous – what beautiful photography. Thank you for including a link to Simple Provisions too.

    • Hi Amelia. Isn’t Lucy Folk amazing? I love her ‘man gifts’ too – the taco money clip is just gorgeous. I’d be happy to receive any of her pieces in my stocking! The Craft Vic guide is gorgeous; such a beautiful format too, with all the items shown in situ. Love your guide too – I’ve been doing some serious hinting for those copper utensils.

    • Nez, I absolutely love Josephine! I’m still in the weekend-alone zone. And loving it. Trying to ignore the mess around me. I have more important things to do, like lounging around with coffee and croissants. x

    • Thanks Deborah. Hope you can make it here one day, and if you do, make sure it’s at this time of year – for the weather, and for the fact that all of Melbourne’s creatives are on show. The amount of craft markets and fairs on at the moment is mind-boggling! xx

    • Pleasure. Love Ms Mortadella. Had a hard time choosing only ONE food-related item from your etsy shop Sandra! Love Lucy’s stuff too, all of it. Having a GREAT weekend, thanks. Have had the house to myself (boys camping); and have been blogging, cooking and reading the Age from cover to cover uninterrupted! I really should venture outside into the sun at some point…

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