Taking stock [number 1]

Here’s a little snapshot of what I’ve been making, baking, admiring and thinking about lately. Love this concept by Pip at Meet me at Mikes. Pip shared her most recent #takingstock here, and there’s a blank list at the bottom of the post for you to copy on your own blog or Facebook, if you feel inspired. Oh, and if you participate, leave a link in the comments so we can read yours too!

Barry Gibb doll. Saskia Ericson.Abominable snowman cake. One Equals TwoHello possumPickled turnipsEvie Barrow pack!Making: a Barry Gibb doll for my 7-year old Bee Gees fan. I used this Woman’s Day rag doll pattern for the upper body, winged it for the beard, pants and boots, and followed a fab hair tutorial on this Lincraft how-to card (thanks Michelle).
Cooking: an Abominable Snowman cake for my 7-year old’s birthday, loosely based on the yeti from Komaneko the Curious cat.
Drinking: hot chocolate with fluffy milk – did you know you can make creamy, frothy milk in a coffee plunger (French press)?
Reading: Anorak.
Wanting: more time in a day. Even 25 hours would be good. Thanks.
Looking: at Pinterest before the rest of my family wakes up. A daily ritual!
Playing: Pictionary.
Deciding: which Country Show to visit this year – Birregurra or Cobden.
Wishing: the sun would come out.
Enjoying: my girlfriends company. Lady friends rock.
Waiting: for Spring.
Liking: Maruyama Asami‘s embroideries of people eating, especially this one.
Wondering: why there’s a big possum on our fence at 6.30am. He should be asleep.
Loving: my boys, all three of them.
Pondering: how to balance life and social media. I shared my tips over at Kidspot, along with some other ace bloggers.
Considering: having a Garage Sale.
Watching: Jarvis Cocker’s 1998 doco series on outsider art environments. So good!
Hoping: to have dinner at The Moor’s Head again. Soon.
Marveling: at my 10-year old’s cactus and succulent collection.
Needing: a proper holiday.
Smelling: sweet, vinegary pickled turnips! Here’s Michelle’s fab recipe. Mine turned out bright magenta (see photo) as I doubled the beetroot!
Wearing: blue things and these hand-made shoes – so comfy, they’re like slippers.
Following: Shit brick fences of Melbourne.
Noticing: grey hairs! Yikes!
Thinking: about Christmas presents. Only 5 months to go!
Feeling: mostly happy, but sometimes sad. Missing my dad.
Admiring: my clever husband’s portrait drawings.
Sorting: fabric pieces from Amitie.
Buying: lovely hand-made goodies from Evie Barrow. Look at the beautiful packaging! I almost didn’t want to unwrap it.
Getting: into a jam-making frenzy! Help!
Bookmarking: this soup recipe by Simple Provisions, after reading this post about the nutritional powerhouse that is watercress.
Disliking: Tony Abbott (Australia’s Prime Minister).
Opening: old letters from my lovely Oma in Holland (she died recently, aged 105).
Giggling: at my son’s texta vandalism of my husband’s rejected life drawings; especially the elderly nude man, now wearing a mankini and boater hat.
Snacking: on Pana chocolate.
Coveting: one of Kirsten Perry‘s planters.
Helping: my 10-year old as he makes our pancakes.
Hearing: my playlist of favourite Australian tracks by Dick Diver, Go-Betweens, Architecture in Helsinki and Eddy Current.

39 thoughts on “Taking stock [number 1]

  1. Oh I love these snapshots of life! So cool! Haha… I just showed Aaron the ‘Shit Brick Fences of Melbourne’ fb site. He guffawed (he used to be a bricklayer!). Love how your creativity and uniqueness flows out of all of these pictures and notes. That cake rocks! xx

    • Thanks lovely Laura! Shit Brick Fences of Melbourne always seems to arrive in my FB feed exactly when I need it, eg. during the afternoon slump. The writing that accompanies the photos is as good as the photos themselves. Sooo funny. Thanks for the cake compliment. Not sure how many fun cakes I have left in my future though – my 10 year old has requested a ‘plain chocolate cake’ for his next birthday 😦

  2. Might have to give this taking stock list a go! Looks like fun! I love that your 7 year old loves the Bee Gees – he has good taste 🙂

    • Thank you! Hope the fluffy milk was a success. The secret is in using warm rather than hot milk, and not over-filling the jug as it more than doubles in height. The more up & down pumping, the creamier the milk. It’s quite miraculous!

  3. Sass that Barry Gibb doll is incredible!!! I love him. I imagine he gets lots of hugs. I really enjoyed that little peek into your world, cool chickie that you are. I would love to see this:
    the “elderly nude man, now wearing a mankini and boater hat”. I think it would make many a person’s day. Hope you’re well! xx

    • Thanks lovely Sandra. Barry does get a lot of hugs – he is becoming quite misshapen! I was soooo close to sharing a photo of the defaced naked man portrait but decided it was too blue for a family-friendly blog 😉

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  5. Saskia, you made a Barry Gibb doll! That is seven kinds of awesome! Damn 🙂 Love it. Did your girl love it? That gave me the biggest smile…thank you.
    As for fluffing milk in a coffee plunger, yes, works a treat doesn’t it.

    • Thanks for the ace comment Brydie!! My 7 year old is actually a boy 🙂 He did love it. He made Barry a Lego throne this evening. Coffee plunger fluffy milk is the best isn’t it – we always take our plunger away on holidays. I make a pretty mean creamy latte with it too!

  6. Saskia, this list is a fabulous idea and be sure that I’ll do it too 🙂 Jam making frenzy: thats two of us in the whirlwind there, so hang on! 😉 I’ve been wearing lots of blue things too lately!

  7. Cannot get over the Barry Gibb doll, I love it! I think you really need to make Robin and Maurice too, lots of scope for hair application there. Great list, so much good stuff going on there. And the yeti cake is perfection!

    • Thanks Pinry!! I did contemplate making Robin and Maurice but figured they’re the tortured/tragic brothers, and Barry seemed the most suitable for idolising by a 7 year old! The yeti cake was fun and super easy (and shredded coconut hides a multitude of bad icing sins)!

    • Thanks Amelia! OMG, we LOVE the Barry Gibb Talk Show. So funny. It’s one of Sid’s (the 7 year old) favourite Youtube clips (and mine too actually)! Jimmy Fallon is the best (Martha was cooking on his show tonight – did you see)??

    • Aw thanks Evie! He is indeed an awesome 7 year old!
      My pleasure – so loved getting your parcel in the mail. Snail mail is the best, especially when it contains beautiful things such as your creations, clever lady!

      • Thanks Seana. Loved doing this post. So nice to document stuff I would’ve forgotten about in 6 months time! I recommend the exercise as it really does encourage you to stop and well, take stock!
        PS. Thanks for the doll/cake compliments. Having young boys is awesome fun!

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