Best Western

8 sleeps ’til Christmas! I’ve had the most mental lovely couple of weeks. We set up our Christmas tree, visited the Myer windows and I’ve been on a catering frenzy: 50 cupcakes, 60 meatballs, 4 cakes, 2 kilos of chutney, a kilo of ugly but super delicious Syrian red pepper, pomegranate and walnut dip (see below), and a huge load of Keema mattar (to take on our upcoming camping trip). Also somehow squeezed in some work, Christmas parties, gift shopping and present-wrapping. I need a nap.
I also spent an entire day cruising the Wild West. I live in Melbourne’s south, and last year I lead a group of Western and Northern suburbs lovely lady friends on an op-shop crawl of my area. Our Yarraville pal reciprocated recently with a sight-seeing daytrip around the West. We’ve become a group of little old ladies with our self-organised tours!
Our Western excursion started with tacos at La Tortilleria in Kensington. Melbourne peeps, if you’ve not eaten there yet, run! Afternoon tea was the holiest cannoli at T Cavallaro and Sons in Footscray – just look at that perfect crunchy pastry and glistening custard!
We finished our day with a stroll through Little Saigon Market and Sweet Grass Bonsai, fabric shopping at Maze and Vale (how cute is the mushroom fabric?) and a spot of junk hunting (I scored a magnificent Viking tapestry).
Our friend Andrew, one of my favourite cooks, had toiled in the kitchen while we were out and laid on an amazing dinner of Puy lentil and fig salad, falafel and teeny quail eggs with dukkah and za’atar (photo below). All in all, a jam-packed, perfect day!
I’m guessing it’s a crazy time of year for you too? Wishing you all the very best for whatever you’re celebrating; Christmas, Mawlid al-Nabi, Chanukah or Summer/Winter Holidays! xx

Christmas tree!Syrian red pepper, pomegranate and walnut dipLa Tortilleria, KensingtonLa TortilleriaCavallaro and sons cannoliCavallaro and sons, FootscrayMaze and Vale fabricVintage viking tapestryQuail eggs and dukkah

15 thoughts on “Best Western

  1. such a beautiful post of visuals!! i wish i could join your ladies tour group someday. the tnt ornaments are a big hit, + love the blue frida kahlo tortilleria and mmmm canole! you have been a busy mama 🙂 wishing you a cool yule and an amazing new year!

    • Thanks Kim. I reckon you must have tortillerias like that on every corner in your neck of the woods – and I can’t wait to check ’em out, one of these days 😉
      I’m betting you’ve been a super busy mama too. Wishing you and your fam the merriest Christmas and New Year. x

    • Thanks Karen. Christmas/Summer vacation is definitely the fun time of year for us. There has been a Lego explosion on our loungeroom floor, the entire house smells like ripening mangoes and there’s wrapping paper and ribbon in every cranny. Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

  2. What fun! Mom and her lady friends used to do the same sort of thing, gathering to go exploring and shopping, with lunch and gabfest tossed in, for good measure. Looks to me that your outing easily met that criteria and no one was lost in the process. 🙂
    Love your tree and how nice that you could hire so handsome a decorator to trim it for you. Wishing you and your family, Saskia, the very best of Christmases!

    • Thanks John. Our tree-decorator is indeed handsome, and was very excited when the dusty Xmas decorations box was retrieved from the top cupboard. The decorating itself is a veeeery slow process as each little figurine is remembered with glee, then thoroughly inspected and admired; before the perfect spot is selected.
      And yes, nothing better than a lady friend gabfest! Nice to hear your mom was an explorer too. Merriest of Christmases to you John!

  3. OMG where to start! Love the sound of your organised old lady tours ; ) I haven’t been to La Tortilleria – thanks for the tip off. Your silver Christmas tree is divine it reminds me on my grandparents silver tree from my childhood. Miss Pudding sure did find herself a special home. Yummy food, cute fabric and the best viking junk hunting score!! Which reminds me a little of Mary Blair. Great pre chrissy post. Best wishes and a Merry Christmas for the week ahead xx

    • Thanks Evie! You must go to La Tortilleria – the fish tacos and pork quesadillas were out of this world (they sell grocery items too, really nice stone-ground tortillas, home-made corn chips and hot sauces). The husband and I are reliving our childhoods with our faux Christmas tree. Miss Pudding seems quite happy with her new home! And yes I couldn’t believe my luck finding that tapestry. Such great colours, and you’re right – quite Mary Blairish (a little bit ‘it’s a small world’). Have a wonderful Chrissie too Evie xx

  4. Hi Sas, your blog brought me in a happy Christmas mood – with your silver tree and all the colorful photographs. All I missed was jingle bells, jingle bells whilst reading!
    Zalig Kerstfeest to you too.

    • Thanks! We do love our silver tree. No fresh pine smells in this house, just the lingering aroma of plastic tinsel…
      I reckon setting up the Christmas tree is my favourite ‘job’ of the year. Merry Christmas!

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