Sea life’s beauty

Helllooo! My first post for 2015. Where did all that time go? 2014 was frankly an awful and emotional year, with the loss of three beautiful family members (my dad, stepdad and grandma) and I came pretty close myself with a nasty dose of sepsis.
By contrast, this year is looking great. We had a fab holiday after Christmas in Apollo Bay with friends; reading, wining, chatting, swimming and lounging around – exactly what the doctor ordered. A food highlight was our brekkie of Baked oatmeal (recipe from the talented Chef in Disguise), served with yogurt and fresh cherries. So yum.
We were back home for a day of frantic washing and re-packing before setting off on a camping trip to Wilson’s Promontory. For years friends have been shocked that we’ve never been to ‘the Prom’, and now I know why! It’s a spectacular conglomeration of almost every element of nature – river, surf beach, massive boulders, bush, hiking trails and so many furry friends. Our nightly visitor was an elderly cantankerous wallaby. I took so many photos of him one day that he hopped over and chomped me on the hand. The husband scored a bite on the knee from an angry wombat, also for getting in too close for a photo. Bloody city slickers we are, serves us right!
We worked our way through an almost embarrassing amount of food, including chilli con carne (see below); a family favourite that is nearly always in our freezer. It’s perfect camping fare with smashed avocado and rice.
See you all soon. We’re ticking off one of our lifetime dreams tomorrow and are heading to the USA for a 6.5 week road trip along Route 66. We’ve found a house-sitter, packed our bags, researched our butts off and are so excited. I (finally!) signed up for Instagram yesterday, so do join me there or on Facebook for holiday updates. Bye lovely readers. xxx

Baked oatmeal and fresh cherriesTidal River Wilsons PromWilsons PromontaryCranky wallabyWilsons Prom bush walkChilli con carne with smashed avocado. One Equals Two.

41 thoughts on “Sea life’s beauty

  1. Oh my gosh Saskia – I didn’t realise what an absolute horror of a year 2014 was for you. Hopefully this year has been the complete opposite and has been shiny with promise and joy.
    Loved seeing your road trip snaps. Looks like you had an amazing time! Nothing like a bit of travel to clear the head and change your perspective, hey? xx

    • Thanks so much Clare. 2014 was just the worst. Our beautiful family cat died too. It felt wrong adding him to the list of loved people we lost, but that was completely devastating too. I still shake my head when I think of last year. 2015 has absolutely been the complete opposite – our holiday was the best thing we’ve ever done as a family, and exactly what we all needed. I know you can relate to the joy of a good vacation! xxx

  2. So glad 2015 has started off wonderful for you…hoping it continues wonderful as well! Your trip, which you probably are on now sounds divine! So happy for you ❤ And welcome back when you return and I will go check out your instagram right now and soon you will have a new follower 🙂

    • Thanks so much Laila. We’re back now. Gawd, trying to get a post together about the trip but I took the most *ridiculous* amount of photos! I’m an indecisive Libran too, so choosing the best ones is a special kind of hell for me! Thanks for the Insta follow – officially addicted to that now 🙂

  3. Six and a half weeks in the US! Fun. I was just thinking about you and thought I’d stop in and didn’t even realize you were/are traveling. Hope to see a post soon Saskia! Would love to hear about your adventures. xx Seana

  4. Sorry you’ve had such a rough time of it, and glad that this year is looking much brighter, not to mention totally exciting! So glad to “catch up” with you, and I’ll be sure to stalk you on Instagram. Jxx

  5. i love that tree walkway and your blog always makes me hungry!! it was super fab to meet and hang out with you and your family in california. i’m following your route 66 journey on instagram now. someday i would like to meet a nippy wallaby and wombat up close
    xxx enjoy your journey, you deserve the best time ever!!!!

    • Thanks love. The walkway was straight out of a storybook – so magical. Kim, it was amazing meeting you and your fam too. Will post pics soon.
      Oh, and believe me, you don’t want to get too close to those wallabies and wombats! They’re ferocious!

  6. Oh, Saskia, what a wonderful way to start 2015 after getting such an awful, draining year behind you. I hope you have an absolutely tremendous time. Route 66 has so much to offer, and you sound ready for it!!

    • Thanks df. We’re back now and we had the most amazing time. LOVED loved loved Route 66. Need to get back to do the other half one day (we drove from LA to Okla, plus some off-track adventures – figured 1700 miles was more than enough driving)! The variety was incredible – the desert, the cacti, the history, the roadside architecture, everything.

  7. Have a wonderful trip Saskia, I hope it will be magical 🙂
    I just love your pictures (I always do!) but the one with the trail between the trees with all the branches is simply breath taking!

    Thank you kindly for the mention my friend. You made my day 🙂

    • It was indeed magical Sawsan. Thanks for your photo compliment – that trail between the trees was surreal. We had your baked oats yesterday – honestly one of our most regular brekkies. Love it!

    • Thanks so much CCU. Back now, boo hoo. It was the best. Must get my act together and post some pics soon (need to sort through over 2000 photos though – yikes)!

  8. Sorry to hear about the losses in your family, Saskia. I’m glad you had a lovely holiday, though. I am truly intrigued by how different the wildlife in Australia is from that here in The United States. One day I hope to visit Your home country.

    • Thanks for your lovely words. We’re back now (sadly!) and you’re so right. Saw the most amazing wildlife in the US – gophers! elks! squirrels! And my favourite, a real live roadrunner 🙂

  9. Have a sensational trip Sas…. Well deserved after a yukky 2014. Have the best time ever and enjoy the food!!!

    • Thanks Phillippa – we did indeed have the best time ever! Will share photos soon. Have been back for 2 weeks, and it’s starting to feel like it was a dream.

  10. So nice to see you back here and read what you’re up to. What an awesome start to the year already and what an incredible dream trip ahead. Enjoy! I look forward to following along on Instagram xx

    • Thanks Evie. Apologies for the VERY late response – I tried to stay away from the screens while we were away. So hard, especially now I’m officially addicted to Instagram! xx

    • Thanks 🙂
      Will be great to tick off all the towns in the song (I only wish I had the Rolling Stones version stuck in my head, rather than the strangely hypnotic Depeche Mode one)!

  11. Happy New Year! I haven’t been to the prom for soooooo long, probably 20 years at least. I love it there and that photo of the path through the tea trees is exactly as it was back then! have a wonderful US trip too.

    • Thanks! Truly the most beautiful spot in Vic I reckon. I was also *very* pleasantly surprised to find the onsite cafe with good coffee! And the outdoor cinema! My kind of camping 🙂

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