You’re invited into my kitchen!

Wanna see my kitchen?! There’s a sneak peek below, but our entire house was recently featured on Apartment Therapy. Head on over and have a look – our place has *never* been so tidy (I even dusted)!
Photos are by the super-talented Natalie Jeffcott – you can find her fab work here, and also on Stocksy.

Saskia Ericson's kitchenSaskia and Tony's kitchen, MelbourneSaskia and Tony Ericson's house, Melbourne

10 thoughts on “You’re invited into my kitchen!

  1. What fun! I love Apartment Therapy, and what a treat to see your carefully curated home, Saskia! Your dining area is particularly warm and appealing to me; I just want to settle in for something delicious from your kitchen, with a book to read! You’ve integrated your love of collecting so well into your home.

  2. I love it all, particularly the colour scheme. Did you find the two yellow lamps at the same time, or did you find one and then come across its sibling later? They look so great together.

    • Thanks Sandra! We found the lamps (there are actually 3, all slightly different!) on the same day at 3 separate stalls at Chapel Street Bazaar!! Weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire junk-shopping life! I think we were definitely ‘meant’ to have them.

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