One Equals Two has moved!

You’ll find recipes, food news, cooking tips and more on the One Equals Two Facebook page, where I’m quite the busy bee!

I’m still a mad keen food enthusiast but the time I could devote to this lil’ blog evaporated. It was always a labour-of-love, mostly worked on at 5.30am before my family awoke, and the occasional hour late at night!

I’m super proud of this blog and all that I learned from it. It functions as my cyber cookbook; and I met (and now count as friends) some beautiful fellow foodies here in Australia and all over the world.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to online. One Equals Two opened up some cool opportunities, including helping to land me a fantastic job lecturing and running workshops in Digital Marketing. My background is in Graphic Design, so blogging and living and breathing Social Media made Digital Marketing a natural segue. I still adore Pinterest – 25,000 followers and counting; and hey, I share LOTS of recipe finds there! I write for the Anorak magazine blog in the UK about vintage kid’s things (you’ve possibly ascertained from my use of vintage cookware and linens that I just loooooooove old stuff). I also blog for the National NEIS Association, sharing success stories from awesome Australian start-ups, including food businesses. I still design and illustrate too.

I hope you’ll come and connect with me on One Equals Two Facebook – I’d love to see you there! Ciao for now, Sas. xxx