About me

I’m Saskia and I wear lots of hats – mum, wife, graphic designer, illustrator, collector, Pinterest addict, crafter and cook. Life is busy, and that’s what lead me to cooking with planned leftovers (planned-overs). I was keen to avoid too many ‘what the heck am I going to cook’ nights, and soon built up a repertoire of recipes.
I was born in Holland but now live in Melbourne, Australia; with my husband and two boys.
My parents were keen cooks, and I grew up with an appreciation for good food. Smoked snapper was dad’s specialty, prepared in his backyard smokehouse made from an old filing cabinet. Mum and I often poured over cookbooks together, especially the big yellow Margaret Fulton, a must-have for our ‘Aussie’ meals. Over the years I’ve become a voracious (and slightly mental) writer of recipes and I love sharing them! Enjoy.

Bagdad Cafe

Me at the Bagdad Cafe, Route 66, Newberry Springs, 2015. Namesake of my fave foodie film.

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