About me

I’m Saskia and I wear lots of hats – designer, illustrator, collector, Pinterest addict, crafter and cook. Life is busy, and that’s what lead me to cooking with planned leftovers (planned-overs). Over the years I’ve become a voracious (and slightly mental) writer of recipes and I love sharing them!
I was born in Holland but now live in Melbourne, Australia; with my husband and two boys.
My parents were keen cooks, and I grew up with an appreciation for good food. Smoked snapper was dad’s specialty, prepared in his backyard smokehouse made from an old filing cabinet. Mum and I often poured over cookbooks together, especially the big yellow Margaret Fulton, a must-have for our ‘Aussie’ meals.
My contact details are below the photo.

Bagdad Cafe

Me at the Bagdad Cafe, Route 66, Newberry Springs, 2015. Namesake of my fave foodie film.

CONTACT: You can email me at: sas(at)oneequalstwo.com.au
Do use the @ symbol in my email address of course. I’m trying to prevent spammers!
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