Complete recipe list

Recipes to relish [3 ways with pineapple, mango and lime chutney]

[1] Sunshine chutney [= 2] Chicken tostadas with Sunshine chutney [=3] Pulled pork tacos with Sunshine chutney [=4] Maple-glazed pork fillets with Sunshine chutney

Mexcellent! [3 ways with home-cooked tomato salsa]

[1] Chunky cooked tomato and red pepper salsa [= 2] Southwestern black bean and chicken salsa soup [=3] Mexi burgers [=4] Nachos

Remains of the day

[1] Two roast chickens with herbed veggies [= 2] Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice)

Let’s talk about Mex
Leftover par-boiled potatoes transform into:

[=3] Breakfast burritos with crispy fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and pan-fried salsa

Totally rawsome
[1] Mexican black bean and corn salad with Queso Fresco
[= 2] Flathead tacos with black bean salsa and chipotle mayo

Seasonings greetings (3 ways with dukkah)

[1] Pistachio and almond dukkah
[=2] Spiced lamb pizza (lahm bi ajine)
[=3] Spiced honey dukkah popcorn
[=4] Char-grilled dukkah lamb with tray-roasted veggies

A cracking good meal
Penne all’Amatriciana sauce transforms into:

[=3] Baked eggs with cannellini beans and roasted capsicum
[=4] Baked eggs with navy beans, spinach and goat’s cheese

Blades of glory
[1] Blade beef pot roast with shiitake mushroom gravy
[= 2] Asian-style tacos with blade beef, kimchi coleslaw and sriracha mayo

Jam session
[1] Feijoa, quince and rosewater jam [= 2] Spiced Linzer torte

In a stew
[1] Beef bourguignon without wine [= 2] Beef and mushroom pithiviers

A nice pair of buns
One batch of dough =

Chocolate and raisin Greek Easter buns and
[2] Mixed seed and fruit buns 

Out of the box. 6 more bento ideas!
6 bento (Japanese lunchbox) ideas

Spudtacular (mastering the hasselback)
[1] Bangers with hasselback potatoes, roasted asparagus and caramelised red onion jam
[=2] Roast potato salad with smoked trout, asparagus and horseradish dressing

I’m bananas over you!
Natural frozen banana ice cream, 4 ways 

Just falafs
[1] Roast eggplant, farro and chickpea layered salad with tahini sauce
[= 2] Falafel with farro and chickpeas

Glaze of glory
[1] Glazed ham with orange ginger sauce
[= 2] Cauliflower, thyme and ham soup (with leftover Christmas ham) 

Sheep trick
[1] Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with roasted garlic and potatoes
[= 2] 20-minute lamb gyros with roasted garlic sauce

Get ya freekeh on
[1] Freekeh salad with mixed nuts and roasted tomatoes
[= 2] Chicken, freekeh, silverbeet and lemon soup 

A fruitful venture
[1] Khoshaf (dried fruit salad) with honeyed nuts
[= 2] Orange, mixed fruit and chia muffins 

The lovin’ spoonful (4 ways with ratatouille)
[1] Ratatouille
[= 2] Fettuccine with ratatouille tomato sauce
[= 3] Ratatouille pizza with pepperoni, chilli and rocket
[= 4] Toasties with ratatouille, pesto and mozzarella 

Beet this
[1] Roasted beetroot, baby carrot and macadamia salad [= 2] Beetroot and pine nut hummus

Pig out
[1] Slow-roasted pork belly tacos with pineapple ginger relish and crackling
[= 2] Mixed rice salad with pulled pork, lime and peanuts

Endless simmer
[1] Corned beef with potato and egg salad [= 2] Corned beef hash 

Poultry in motion
[1] Chicken, almond and zucchini patties [= 2] Chicken meatball and noodle soup

Bean Day
[1] Black bean, coconut and fish stew [= 2] Baked black bean and fish flautas

Nut-free raw chocolate energy balls

[1] Spiced roast leg of lamb with cauliflower and lentils [= 2] Quick lamb and vegetable biryani

Mash hits
Sweet potato and tuna croquettes with Green Goddess sauce [= 2] Mini shepherd’s pies with sweet potato topping

Meet your baker

[1] Keema aloo (spiced minced beef and potatoes) with gluten-free dosas [= 2] Spiced beef and vegetable mini pasties

Just good friands
[1] Apple and rhubarb stewed in pomegranate juice [= 2] Gluten-free apple, rhubarb and chia seed friands

It’s the veal thing

[1] Dutch veal rolls and braised red cabbage with apple [= 2] Swedish meatballs with cranberry and goji berry jam

Fish for compliments
[1] Fish wraps with chilli slaw and crunchy noodles [= 2] Kedgeree

A pretty penne

[1] Penne all’Amatriciana [= 2] Chicken Parmigiana

Of rice and men

[1] Marion’s brown rice, mixed nut and ginger salad [= 2] Golden rice balls with chunky peanut and coconut sauce 

Pudding on the Ritz
[1] Orange and currant Greek Easter bread with vanilla ricotta [= 2] ‘Golden Rough’ bread and butter pudding

Oh Bento!
6 bento box (Japanese lunchbox) ideas

Slowly does it
[1] Hutspot met klapstuk (Dutch mash with slow-cooked brisket) [= 2] Beef brisket sliders with Russian salad

Feeling a bit seedy
Amaranth, cranberry and mint salad with macadamias and haloumi

Well red
[1] Marinated roasted red capsicum and goat’s cheese bruschetta [= 2] Roasted red capsicum and fresh herb tart

Hey pesto!
[1] Spinach, walnut and roasted garlic pesto [= 2] Two different pesto pizzas

The reel deal
[1] Proper fish and chips with home-made tartare sauce [= 2] Lolita’s Spanish potato tortilla 

Bean me up
[1] Cannellini bean, chorizo and sweet potato salad [= 2] Spiced bean burgers with chipotle mayo

I want to hold your ham
Two recipes for leftover Christmas ham: [1] Pea, zucchini and ham soup [2] 3-cheese macaroni 

Hot for teacher
[1] Za’atar (Middle Eastern spice mix) [= 2] Manoushe bi za’atar (Lebanese pizza with za’atar)

Great balls of fire
[1] Lamb, pumpkin and lemon köftes [= 2] Spiced lamb meatball and lentil tagine

Taking stock
[1] Poached chicken, avocado and asparagus salad [= 2] Pat’s classic 10-minute chicken and corn soup

We’ll meat again
[1] Roast beef fillet and asparagus with sweet potato chips [= 2] Vietnamese beef coleslaw with kaffir lime dressing

Grain fed
[1] Sweet potato, quinoa and edamame salad with miso dressing [= 2] Sweet potato, quinoa and salmon cakes

Loafing around
[1] Beef and pumpkin meatloaf [= 2] Burgers with the lot 

She’ll be apples

[1] Apple, lime and coconut cake [= 2] Mini apple and coconut baked doughnuts

A star is corn
[1] Roast corn, quinoa and pea salad [= 2] Corn, pea and quinoa fritters

Pasta la vista [2]
[=3] Grand Final Day mini meat pies

So hot right now

[1] Mixed bean and beef chilli con carne [= 2] Chilli bean and beef soft tacos

It’s about thyme
Barbecued tuna niçoise salad [= 2] Tomato and thyme soup

[1] Pulled pork with BBQ sauce and caramelised apples [= 2] Pork po’boys with apple slaw

The pie’s the limit
[1] Beef and guinness stew [= 2] Chunky beef and guinness pie

Easy squeezy
[1] Lemon curd [= 2] Little lemon tarts

It’s easy being green
[1] Spanakorizo (Greek spinach and rice) [= 2] Spanakopita (spinach, rice and fetta) scrolls

Rice rice baby
[1] Mixed rice sushi hand rolls [= 2] Happy onigiri (rice balls) with home-made furikake

I’ll give you a pizza my mind
[1] Baked tandoori chicken tenderloins with raita [= 2] Tandoori chicken pizza with fresh rocket

Black beauty
[1] Black bean, corn and chorizo stew [= 2] Black bean quesadillas with manchego cheese

The bird is the word
[1] Spiced roast chicken with chickpeas (garbanzos) and cauliflower
[= 2] Chicken, chickpea and silverbeet (Swiss chard) pilaf with preserved lemon

Silence of the yams
[1] Lamb cutlets with roasted red capsicums (bell peppers) and sweet potato mash
[= 2] Spiced sweet potato and red capsicum soup

Rowdy, with a chance of meatballs [2]
[=3] Lasagnaroni with meatballs

Pow! Right in the kisir!
[1] Shredded lamb with kisir and tahini sauce [= 2] Lamb, fennel and barley soup 

I beg your pudding
[1] Sticky date pudding with toasted hazelnuts [= 2] Little lumberjack cupcakes

A yen for chicken balls
[1] Tsukune (Japanese teriyaki chicken meatballs) [= 2] Teriyaki noodles with bok choy and chicken meatballs

That old chestnut
[1] Roasted cauliflower and chestnuts with dukkah [= 2] Roasted cauliflower, potato and chestnut soup

The monster mash
[1] Sneaky chocolate pumpkin muffins [= 2] Sneaky tuna casserole with seven hidden vegies

[1] Lamb and spinach pilaf with toasted pine nuts [= 2] Lamb and pine-nut sambusek

The frying Dutchman
[1] Veal osso buco [= 2] Dutch veal croquettes

Porktastic [2]
[=3] Pork and fennel cannelloni

Rowdy, with a chance of meatballs
[1] Beef, pork and ricotta meatballs [= 2] Oven-baked tomato, spinach and meatball risotto

A sweet victory
[1] Poached apple and feijoia with honeyed nuts [= 2] Gluten-free upside-down apple and feijoia ginger cake 

It’s chapati and I’ll fry if I want to
[1] Keema mattar (spiced minced lamb and peas) [= 2] Baked filo pastry samosas

A great way to pasta time
[1] Sweet tomato pasta sauce [= 2] Puttanesca OR Sweet tomato sauce with chilli prawns OR Sweet tomato sauce with tuna and peas

[1] Flathead fillets with cannellini mash and dill gremolata [= 2] Panko-crumbed salmon cakes

Honey, I shrank the burgers
[1] Scotch Eggs [= 2] Mini burgers with hidden veggies

For goodness cake
[1] Banana honey cake [= 2] ABC muffins

The bun also rises
[1] Pork, ginger and bok choy rice [= 2] Little steamed wholemeal pork buns

Souper Man
[1] Maple roasted pumpkin and carrot soup [= 2] Creamy pumpkin tagliatelle with candied chilli walnuts 

Rice to the challenge
[1] Special fried brown rice [= 2] Fluffy brown rice LSA pancakes 

Pasta la vista
[1] Full-of-veggies bolognaise [= 2] Lasagna with ricotta and spinach

Oatally awesome
[1] Pear and white chocolate muesli slice [= 2] Apple and coconut crumble

Miso hungry
[1] Roasted pumpkin and mixed seed salad [= 2] Spiced pumpkin and cashew patties

The working leek
[1] Chicken, leek and corn soup [= 2] Chicken and leek pot pie 

Oh ragù, you’ve done it again
[1] Spiced lamb ragù [= 2] Mini lamb and mint pies 

Rice and easy
[1] No-stir chicken and roast pumpkin risotto [= 2] Crispy risotto balls

God save the bean
[1] Pan-fried chicken tenders with bean salad [= 2] Tortillas with shredded chicken and beans

All tarted up
[1] Caramelised red onion jam [= 2] Caramelised onion and goat’s cheese tart

Life is a crabaret
[1] Udon noodle, spinach and sesame salad [= 2] Crab fritters with cucumber salad

A spicy Christmas
[1] Fruit mince pies with orange and cranberries [= 2] Fruit mince crumble slice

Porktastic (my very first recipe!)
[1] Pork, pine nut and pancetta mini meatloaves [= 2] Fusilli with pork sausage and lentils