8 sleeps

8 sleeps ’til Christmas. No time for cooking, so thought I’d share a little montage of Christmas bits and pieces at our house.
Our silver tree sets off our green elves rather nicely don’t you think? If you’re an elf-lover like me, and you’d like to know what they get up to when you’re asleep, check out the fab, slightly creepy, photos on Craft It Bake It. The second photo is of my fave tree decoration, a little elf, made in Japan, that I discovered last Saturday at the local Op Shop.
Our rocking deer has been in the boy’s bedroom since they were little. They’re way too big for him now, but we can’t bare to part with him. We gave him a wonky Christmas tail this year as he has no tail of his own. Over the years the boys have posted all manner of items in the empty tail hole, so he rattles when ridden. I found him at Mornington Op Shop – just about had a coronary when I spotted him in the window.
Made the stockings a few years ago. They were fairly tricky as they’re fully-lined. The typewriter-font letters are ironed-on and from Spotlight. I thought I was so clever maximizing the Santa fabric, and niftily cutting 4 stocking shapes out of a small piece. Didn’t notice that Louis’ Santas are upside-down! D’oh.

Found the skinny Santa candles at the local Op Shop last weekend too, in their original packet! Too cute.
Made the little Advent box years ago, from matchboxes. It starts on the 15th as I’m too lazy to do Advent stuff for 25 days. Each drawer contains two tiny chocolates and a little message, or suggested activity for the evening. I stole the message idea from Loobylu’s ace blog.
Vintage Christmas tags – made a mountain of these a while ago. I know vintage storybook tags are all over Pinterest, but they’re just so damn cute! I’m a confirmed hoarder (or ‘bag lady’ as the husband likes to call me) and have been snaffling Golden Books at School Fetes, Oppies and Garage Sales for years now. The idea of cutting up old books is a bit sacrilegious but some had been scribbled on, others were water-damaged, and others had great illustrations and crap stories; so I feel quite good about giving them a new lease on life. Bought a tag stencil from Spotlight, glued brown paper on the backs and my 8-year old helped with the guillotining, so they were quite an easy project. I reckon they look pretty ace! Especially love the alphabet book ones.
Seasons Greetings lovely readers, and a very Merry New Year.

Christmas at our houseVintage Christmas wrapping