Taking stock [number 2]

Howdy! Here’s a wee glimpse at what I’ve been cooking, making, coveting, looking at and thinking about lately. Have really missed blogging and connecting with my cyber penfriends; but haven’t found any free time in yonks (mainly ’cause I no longer wake at 5.30am, and work/life have been super busy this year); so there are some Christmasy things listed below too!
The originator of the stock-taking concept is Pip at Meet me at Mikes, and she kindly provides a blank list at the bottom of her #takingstock posts for you to copy, if you feel inspired to join in. What’ve you all been up to? xx

YULE LOG by One Equals TwoEdible pine conesGalahs at Wilson PromontaryTidal River swimTsukune (teriyaki chicken balls) rice bowl. One Equals Two.Mushroom tea towelPeacamole dip (guacamole made with peas)COOKING: my first ever Yule Log, using Nigella’s recipe.
MAKING: edible pine cones! Found the idea at Handmade Charlotte. We don’t have the stipulated Chex cereal in Aus, but Milo Cereal worked a treat and looks exactly like ‘real’ pine cone pieces I reckon!
DRINKING: gin and tonic. Have rediscovered it after years and years.
READING: Purity. Finally! Loved it.
WANTING: to thank my mum publicly. She’s our Fairy Godmother, occasionally letting herself into our house while we’re at work; to tackle a stack of dishes. Thanks ma! You should leave a scattering of fairy glitter as your calling card.
LOOKING: at holiday snaps. Can’t believe our dream vacation was a year ago.
DECIDING: to break out my renovator soon. Husband gave me one for my birthday after I’d expressed interest in trying log carving. Last night I was given a log!
WISHING: Summer hadn’t ended.
ENJOYING: rice bowls for dinner. Our fave is Tsukune (teriyaki chicken balls), pulled from the freezer and nuked, sticky sushi rice with quinoa (recipe from my guest post on Simple Provisions), kimchi from The Fermentary, sugar snaps, asparagus, avo, carrot, cuke, pickled ginger, black sesame seeds and a beer!
WAITING: to see Pee Wee’s new movie.
LIKING: Instagram. Joined last year, utterly addicted!
WONDERING: if I’ll ever get around to sorting 10 years (seriously!) of digital photos into albums.
LOVING: the sculpture walk on Herring Island in the Yarra River, accessible by punt. Utterly surreal, bush-walking so close to the city!
CONSIDERING: a holiday in Sydney.
WATCHING: our own Dean Jones mini-festival for our semi-regular Family Movie Night: That darn cat (family fave), Blackbeard’s Ghost and the first three Herbies. All highly recommended!
HOPING: to have another burger at Changz. They make all their own sauces too!
MARVELING: at my friend Chris’s amazing cakes! Check out Miffy ♥
NEEDING: a hair cut.
SMELLING: a bit woofy, after walking to work. 2.8km! Planning to do it once a week.
WEARING: my mum’s 60s ski jacket with fab sun pattern.
FOLLOWING: landscape/architecture/suburban life photographers on IG – Shit Gardens, Sad Topographies, Sublurb, Ben Blacket and Hayley Eichenbaum.
NOTICING: my boys growing up; and feeling happy, sad, incredulous and proud. They’re both lovely 🙂
THINKING: about my friend J, who has moved to Dubai after finding a creative dream job. Miss you heaps petal.
FEELING: well rested after our camping trip to Wilson’s Prom. Swam in Tidal River every day – it’s like a massive cup of tepid Earl Grey, brown-hued from the marinating leaves.
ADMIRING: Our local galahs (pink-chested Aussie cockatoos); and also Melbourne creatives like Anna, Sandra, Pilgrim, Alice, Esther and Neryl. Lady artists rule!
SORTING: my vintage tea towels (this mushroom beauty is one of my faves).
BUYING: more vintage illustrated cookbooks. Hellllllp! Can’t stop!
GETTING: hungry.
BOOKMARKING: Anonymous works.
DISLIKING: our Government’s inhumane policies on Asylum Seekers and Refugees.
OPENING: another issue of Epicurean. Scored a stack of these incredible 60s/70s Australian food/wine mags from a friend’s mum. Art Directed by one of my design heroes, Les Mason. Will share some pics soon.
GIGGLING: at the Katering Show (new episodes coming in April, 2016)!
SNACKING: on Peacamole – guacamole with peas in place of avocado. Recipe by Clotilde at Zucchini & Chocolate, one of the first food blogs I ever followed. PS. There’s an avocado shortage in Australia, blamed on rain, bushfires and conspiracy.
COVETING: one of Kirsten Perry’s hand-made rings.
HELPING: my 8 year old make (and eat) choc chip cookies.
HEARING: the Undertones right now (this track, one of my fave 80s tunes); and warbling magpies in our backyard (classic Aussie sound). PS. Did you know a group of magpies is called a Mischief?

18 thoughts on “Taking stock [number 2]

    • Thanks so much Karen. Highly recommend the stock-take post concept! It’s a bunch of little facts and things I wouldn’t normally record in detail, but which are actually quite fun to revisit. I just re-read my last list, and there was so much stuff I’d completely forgotten about. Hope you’re well.

  1. What a beautiful log! I did one of these taking stock ast year, maybe I should do another one like you! You don’t like your governments policy…. let me tell you we don’t have a government here in Sapin at the moment, in December there were elections and there was no winning mayority. Until now all the politicians are just arguing against each other, they all want to be Prime Minister… And I think the country has never been at its best in years! Perhaps having no government is the way to go 😉 Have a great week Saskia!

    • Thanks Sofia. So glad to have finally tackled a Yule Log – have seriously wanted to make one since I was a teenager! An extra bonus was that the recipe yielded way too much chocolate ganache, which we rolled into balls and called ‘truffles’.
      Yes, have been reading about Spain’s government issues – sounds like a spot of anarchy might be for the best 🙂
      You have a great week too!

  2. They’re not called a mischief are they?? Are they?? That’s awesome, I love it!
    Love you mushroomy tea towel and also loving your taking stock list. It’s good to take a peak over someone else’s back fence sometimes 🙂

  3. I agree with Norma. I was completely fooled by the pine cones. It’s good to hear from you, Saskia, and to see that all is well — even if impossibly busy — in your corner of the blogosphere. 🙂

    • Hi John. Good to hear from you too! I should’ve taken a photo of my son eating one of the pine cones – it looked hilarious, and a bit like he’d completely lost his marbles and/or had very strong teeth 🙂

  4. Oh wow – I seriously wondered why you had taken a photo of pine cones (although it was a nice photo). Then I got to the bottom of the page and realised that you actually had made them out of milo cereal!!!!! That is absolutely amazing! They seriously look like the real thing. Loved reading your blog this morning.

    • Thanks SO much for your lovely comment Julie! Made the pine cones with the kids and they were surprisingly easy. Milo Cereal is perfect as it’s a bit pointy! Extremely rich though (the centre is basically a huge blob of Nutella) – we could only stomach one each!

  5. How did you have time to even write that, you are one busy dame. I am giving my house husband the link to your blog as I am a little tired of his repertoire after just 4 months. Miss you jxxx

    • Love!! Miss you heaps too. Gawd, has it been 4 months already? I poured this post out on Monday night (I still use Mondays as my dedicated bloggy evenings – when Mr T is at his painting session – but lately have been too pooped and have been zoning out on IG and Pinterest instead). PS. Get cooking Mr K!

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